Vehicle Requirements

Vehicle Requirements - Checklist

All invited participants are required to run the provided Gomammut Overland Rally Sticker package for the duration of the Event.

Gomammut Overland Rally will run a vehicle inspection prior to the 1st day of the event.

Vehicle Equipment:

-Event is restricted to 4x4 vehicles with 4Lo capability
-33” Minimum Tire Size
-Minimum 2.5” lift
-Full Size Spare Tire
-At least one functioning Diff Locker (front or rear)
-Working E-Brake
-Recovery points (front and rear)
-Spare Vehicle Key (We have faith in you but things do get lost and this can be a small solution to a major issue)

Personal Equipment - Skills:

-GMRS Radio
-First Aid Kit
-Fire Extinguisher
-Emergency Food & Water Supply
-2 to 3 full days-worth of food
-Fridge / powered cooler is highly recommended
-Air Compressor
-Must be Self -Extra Brake lines (always good to have)
-Flashlights / Headlamps
-Good attitude for an awesome time!

Recovery Gear:

-Tow strap(s)
-Tree Saver(s)
-Working Winch (Highly recommendable but not required)
-Working Jack
-Tire repair kit
-Spill Kit
-Extra Fuel (4+ Gallons)
-Extra driveline oil
-Tools needed to service / repair your specific vehicle

Personal Equipment - Skills:

-Means of storing, preparing and cooking meals for your group (portable grill, jet boil etc.)
-Drinking water & Source of electrolytes (minimum 1 gallon per person per day between supply runs …It will get HOT)
-Silverware, plates, paper towels, etc.
-Appropriate footwear for offroad (good traction and high socks are ideal)
-Warmer clothes for cooler nights
-Toiletries / personal hygienics (Portable shower, body wipes, etc. We will be off grid for several days at a time)
-Insect repellant
-Sun screen
-Camping Chairs
-Bedding suitable for your sleeping arrangement
-Means of transporting your garbage – WE STRONGLY ABIDE BY PACK IN, PACK OUT AND LEAVE NO TRACE PRACTICES!! This is to ensure ourselves and all others are able to enjoy this crazy thing we love so much for generations to come.

The above supplies / equipment will be required unless otherwise noted. Please pack with the intent to be self-contained and self-sufficient for several days at a time between supply runs into towns.