About Us

Gomammut Overland Rally was founded through a yearning to cut ties with the everyday and immerse into the wonder that is our back country through overlanding.

We are a family of real people, and we welcome all 4×4 platforms and people from all walks of life to join us in the unique experience that is overlanding. This is our passion, and our goal is to provide a means for others to thrive with us in a safe and enjoyable environment. As a group of working-class individuals, every trip is our vacation as well and we’re happy to add to the family each time. Our top priorities on every outing are safety, education, and participant experience. We will always strive to have every participant leave us with more knowledge than when they arrived and, of course, some unbelievable stories. When you join a Gomammut Overland Rally, you arrive as friends and leave as family.

Our passion for overlanding and love of the outdoors brought us together through very diverse paths. As individuals, we have countless trips and years-worth of experience in hardcore rock crawling, camping, bushcraft and survival, and nature photography. Our goal is to get you outside and appreciating the journey rather than simply focusing on the destination.
Though from different backgrounds, we all entered the world of overlanding around the same time. We eventually crossed paths and were thrown into the fire on our first trip together. Natural chemistry, cool headedness and a combination of skills got us, and our groups home safely and soon sparked the idea that is GOR. today.
We’ve participated in many excursions and tours with other companies, and we spend months talking about likes and dislikes before planning our first official tour as Gomammut Overland Rally.
Fast forward, we are back from our trip out west and we are preparing our 7 episode series for Youtube and Amazon. Make sure to watch it and sign up for the next Overland Rally. We have some amazing locations for 2023!

Whether you are a seasoned rock jock, a full time overlander, or just bought your first 4×4, you have a place on one of our expeditions.

Please, join us and take a long moment to be present. "CREATE MEMORIES"


Johan Cardenas Founder

A seasoned cross-country tourer and rock crawling expert, Johan has conquered some of the most challenging terrain and expedition routes North America and Canada have to offer. With a series of well-recognized builds, he has pushed the limits of what is possible with a production vehicle and set the stage for off-road builds. His most recent build a 2020 Jeep Gladiator Rubicon named “Krawler 2.0”, has performed through grueling stages such as the Alcan 5000 Winter Rally to Alaska in 2020. Johan’s experience is an excellent resource on-trail and the Krawler 2.0 is an asset to any convoy. Now I'm planning a four month overland Journey from Colombia to Patagonia.

Jaemin "Jay" Kwon CEO

Jay brings years of nature photography and cinematography to our team. Through a truly masterful eye, Jay has seen some of the most beautiful corners of the country and shared his points of view along the way. Overlanding has presented him a new means for finding the perfect shot and combining his love for off-roading. His newest rig a 2021 Gladiator named “Gganbu” has made incredible build progress in such a short time and has seen some very seriously challenging terrain. Jays’ portfolio includes several trips throughout the Northern U.S. and is only improved by his capability with Gganbu. His intoxicating and impossible-to-kill positivity makes him a pleasure to have along on long trips. Jay is also known around camp for his phenomenal Korean cuisine.